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Management and purpose of activity

We are copyright protection organization whose goal is to ensure that authors of artworks and art scientists receive the proper remuneration for the use of their works.

On 12th April 2017, the Ministry of Culture has issued a permission to Association "Art. Copyright. Cultural Education." for collective management of copyright and related rights. In accordance with the amendments to the regulatory acts, all permits issued by the Ministry of Culture (for the broadcasting) have not been in effect since 1st January 2018.


  • Member of the Board is Elena Rapoport.
  • Chairman of the Council is Alexey Naumov, members of the Council are Andris Teikmanis, Sintia Finka.

Purpose of Activity

  • Protection of copyrights and collective management of copyright and related rights in accordance with the applicable Latvian national and international law –
    • Visual arts (Painting, Drawing, Graphic, Art Textile)
    • Visual Plastic Arts (Sculpture, Ceramics, Glass Art)
    • Design (Functional Design, Environmental Art, Metal Design, Fashion Design)
    • Audio-visual Media Arts (Art of Visual Communication, Stage Design)
    • Works of Architects and Art experts (Visual art, Art History and Theory, Restoration)
  • The collective management of the property rights of Latvian and foreign visual art copyright holders in the Republic of Latvia;
  • Registration of visual artworks of Latvian artists, creation and maintenance of the database of visual artworks;
  • Provision of legal assistance to Latvian artists in the field of visual arts;
  • The protection of the rights of Latvian artists in the field of visual arts (including professional, economic, social, moral rights) and the protection of legitimate interests of the artists in law enforcement agencies and in relations with other natural and legal persons without limitation;
  • Promotion of creative activities of authors of Latvian visual artworks, promotion of artistic development, preservation of cultural and historical values in Latvia;
  • Promotion and development of arts education, cultural education, financial support of talented art students;
  • Supervision and protection of the artistic and cultural heritage;
  • Promotion of the career development of young artists and designers, expansion of their knowledge and skills in the area of intellectual property management by promoting their ability to integrate into the processes of cultural development, labour market and art market, the development of the cultural and creative industries and the cultural economy.
  • Work for the public benefit and acquiring the public benefit organization status.