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Types and fields of use

Types of use

Communication to the public

Any action by means of which, either directly or through a relevant technical device, a work is made available to the public.


Any action, by means of which copies of an object of copyright or related rights are made available to the public with the consent of the rightholder, conforming to the condition that the number of copies shall satisfy a reasonable public demand in conformity with the nature of object of copyright or related rights (performances of dramatic, dramatic-musical or musical works, demonstrations of audio-visual works, public readings of literary works, the broadcasting of literary or artistic works, demonstrations of visual works or erected architectural works shall not be deemed to be publication of an object of copyright).

Public performance

The performance, playing or any other use of any work or other object protected by copyrights, which is intended for several members of the public not personally related to the user or not personally interrelated, either directly or by means of any technical equipment or process (except, if it happens in places of entertainment, in cafes, shops, hotels and other similar places).


An activity by which the original or copy of the copyright object is sold or otherwise alienated.


Broadcasting on radio or television or distribution of programs for public reception (excluding on-demand services).

Making the work available to the public

Making the work available to the public by wire or by other means, so that it is accessible in an individually selected location and at an individually selected time – for example, publishing on the Internet.

Lease and rent

A lease or rental contract is a contract pursuant to which one party grants or promises the other party the use of some property for a certain lease or rent payment.


utortiesību objekta vienas kopijas vai vairāku kopiju izgatavošana ar jebkuriem līdzekļiem jebkādā formā un mērogā, pilnībā vai daļēji, arī autortiesību objekta vai tā daļas īslaicīga vai pastāvīga uzglabāšana elektroniskā veidā, kā arī trīsdimensiju kopijas izgatavošana no divdimensiju objekta vai divdimensiju kopijas izgatavošana no trīsdimensiju objekta

The making of one or more copies, by any means and in any form and scale, fully or partially, of an object of copyright or related rights, also short-term or long-term storage in electronic form of an object of copyright or related rights or a part thereof, as well as the making of three-dimensional copies of a two-dimensional object or two-dimensional copies of a three-dimensional object.


Translation of the works of art experts (in the fields of visual arts, history of culture, culture theory and restoration) into another language different from the original.

Arrangement, dramatization, screening or other transformation

Arrangement or adaptation of the work for stage or screen, dramatization, screening or other transformation – conversion of a copyright object with appropriate artistic means.

Association M.A.K. represents authors of the following fields

Visual arts

Painting, graphic arts, textile arts

Visual plastic art

Sculpture, ceramics, glass art, installation


Functional design, metal design, environmental art, interior, fashion art, clothing design, advertising, shape design, artistic construction, space, wooden product design, graphic design, jewellery

Audiovisual Media Arts

Visual communication, scenography, scenery, performance

Animation, photo, digital photo, image and movement, light, digital video, text and image, typography, computer graphics, three-dimensional computer graphics, mixed media works

Applied arts
Architectural works

Spatial artwork, landscaping projects, architectural solutions, sketches, drawings, models

Works of art experts

Visual arts, history of culture, culture theory and restoration), related to their translation

Purchase License

Association "Māksla. Autortiesības. Kultūrizglītība." ("Art. Copyright. Cultural Education.") is copyright protection organization whose goal is to ensure that authors of artworks and art experts receive the proper remuneration for the use of their works.

On the 12th April 2017 Ministry of Culture issued a permission to Association "Māksla. Autortiesības. Kultūrizglītība." for collective management of copyright and related rights. In accordance with the amendments to the regulatory acts, all permits issued by the Ministry of Culture (for the broadcasting) have not been in effect since 1st January 2018.