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Sign a contract

What are the advantages of signing a contract?

M.A.K. is an organization of collective management of copyrights, which represents the authors of visual arts in accordance with the law, and the conclusion of the agreement on collective representation with the organization is voluntary.

However, every author of visual arts can conclude an agreement with M.A.K. on collective management of the specific property rights. According to such agreement, the author entrusts the organization to manage their rights regarding the freely chosen types of works of the author, the uses of works and territories.

In such a way, the author independently determines what types of works and to which extent he entrusts the organization to manage. This simplifies the protection of copyrights and promotion of the interests of an author while working with artwork users.

The conclusion of the agreement gives the author a number of other advantages as well. For example, by signing an agreement with the organization, the author can also use the free services of M.A.K.:

  • register your works in the electronic catalogue free of charge,
  • make your works available for artwork users, which would simplify the collection of remuneration,
  • promote the legal use of the original works and the distribution of remuneration,
  • increase the level of recognition as author,
  • receive legal consulting.

In order to sign a contract with M.A.K:

  1. download the contract form,
  2. fill it in and use an electronic signature OR
    print it out, fill it in and sign,
  3. send the electronically signed contract to our e-mail OR
    bring the signed contract to the office of the organization at the adress Pulkveža Brieža street 8 – 3, Riga.
Download the contract form