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Terms and conditions for the non-commercial use

Approved at the meeting
of "Art. Copyright. Cultural Education."
members of the board

Riga, March 5, 2018

The terms and conditions on which the authors represented by the Association "Art. Copyright. Cultural Education." may issue a license for the non-commercial use of their work

  1. These conditions do not apply to the rights of the authors (Author), represented by the Association "Art. Copyright. Cultural Education." (M.A.K.), to issue licenses for the non-commercial use of works or types of works, the management of which is not entrusted to M.A.K. and which are managed not only collectively, in accordance with Section 3 of the Copyright Collective Management Law.
  2. The non-commercial use is such use of works, as a result of which neither the Author nor any other third parties are provided with any form of financial remuneration or other material benefit (for example, a revenue from admission).
  3. The use of works for any advertising purposes (with the exception of social or charitable campaigns) is not recognized as a type of non-commercial use.
  4. Each Author represented by M.A.K. may issue licenses for the non-commercial use of their works, regardless of whether the Author has concluded a collective management agreement with M.A.K. or not.
  5. The Author provides M.A.K. the information on all contracts for the non-commercial use of their work, permits and licenses issued by the Author.
  6. The information provided by the Author to М.А.К. should contain the details about the type of work, which had been submitted for the non-commercial use, the name of the work, the type of use, the territory of use, the period of time for which the non-commercial license is issued, and the requisites of the licensee.
  7. The information specified by these conditions is given by the Author to М.А.К. in writing, being sent within one month from the date of issue of the license to the e-mail address or by mail to the address Pulkveža Brieža street 8 – 3, Riga, LV-1010.
  8. If the Author wishes to issue a license for the non-commercial use of the work, which has several co-authors, then in order to issue a license, the written consent of all co-authors of the work is required.
  9. Any disputes that arise between co-authors regarding the issuance of a license for the non-commercial use of work, are resolved by the Authors in a civilized and constructive atmosphere, applying to the court only when strictly necessary.
  10. According to the decision of the meeting of М.А.К. members of the board of December 22, 2017, the board of the Association М.А.К., in accordance with Section 12 of the Copyright Collective Management Law, is delegated the authority to approve the conditions regarding the rights of the authors, represented by the Association М.А.К., to issue licenses for the non-commercial use of their works (under the condition that the decision and approval of this issue is transferred to the Association Council only after it was first considered on its merits at a meeting of the members of the board of the Association).
  11. Concidering the paragraph 10 of these conditions, the M.A.K. Association Council can implement changes to the procedure of issuing licenses for the non-commercial use of works of the Authors, represented by the Association М.А.К.