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At the moment, the Association "Art. Copyright. Cultural Education." has concluded individual agreements on the management of the author's property rights with the authors listed below, as well as with the Artists’ Union of Latvia (AUL), such as cooperation agreement on individual protection of copyright of AUL members and collective management of property rights.

M.A.K. has a cooperation agreement with the Art Academy of Latvia (LMA) on the protection of LMA intellectual property, on individual protection of copyright of LMA employees and students, as well as on collective management of property rights. According to the educational contract between LMA and students, LMA ensures that students' copyrights are respected during their studies, represents their interests in cooperation with third parties and is authorized to take all necessary measures to manage their copyrights. Based on the agreement between LMA and M.A.K., M.A.K. deals with the individual copyright protection of LMA students and the collective management of property rights. LMA entrusted M.A.K. with management of the property rights of LMA students (listed below) for all works of authorship created during the period of study and for all types of works in the Republic of Latvia and abroad that correspond to the M.A.K. field of activity, in accordance with the permission collective management of copyright and related rights, which M.A.K. received on April 12, 2017.


If you want to check whether the author in the field of visual arts, whose first and last name you know, has an agreement with M.A.K. or another collective management organization, use the search below.

This service can be uses by all interested parties, who want to find out if the copyright of an artist is protected by any collective organization.