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About collection of fee, distribution and payment

Who has the right to receive a remuneration for the use of their work?

Each author has the right to receive remuneration for the use of his work, for example, for publication, reproduction, demonstration on television, etcetera.

How is the fee calculated?

In accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Collective Management Law, authors must be remunerated in proportion to the use of their work. Management expenses and other deductions from the revenue from the management of the rights, as well as the maximum amount of such deductions and the procedure for the conduct is determined by the meeting of the members of the collective management organization.

Are the authors paid the full amount of the remuneration received for the use of their work?

Of the total revenues received from the management of the rights, 25% is deducted as administrative expenses.

The remaining 75% are paid to the authors in proportion to the use of their work, taking into account the taxes determined by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

How often is the fee paid?

Fee is paid once a year, no longer than nine months after the end of its financial year.

How are the authors who are entitled to the remuneration determined?

It would be easier to identify and contact those authors who will conclude a contract of representation with M.A.K.

According to such agreement, not later than by April 30 of each calendar year, the author must inform M.A.K. of their current address for correspondence or their e-mail adress (for electronic communication), to which the author wants to receive information about the use of their works, as well as the amount of a calculated and paid remuneration for the previous calendar year.

If the remuneration cannot be paid because the author cannot be determined or found, collective management organization publicly discloses relevant information on its website.

What happens if the author who is entitled to the remuneration is not found within three years?

If the author is not determined or found within three years after the end of the financial year, in which the revenue from rights management has been collected, and collective management organization has made the necessary arrangements for the discovery of the author, the corresponding remuneration is paid proportionally to the other authors represented by the organization.

For what other purposes can the remuneration be used?

Collective management organization can provide social, cultural or educational services in the interests of the hosted (further information on the purpose of activity can be found here). Such management shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures and rules approved by the meeting.

Association "Māksla. Autortiesības. Kultūrizglītība." ("Art. Copyright. Cultural Education.") is copyright protection organization whose goal is to ensure that authors of artworks and art experts receive the proper remuneration for the use of their works.

On the 12th April 2017 Ministry of Culture issued a permission to Association "Māksla. Autortiesības. Kultūrizglītība." for collective management of copyright and related rights.