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Information for the heirs of an author

According to the law, copyright shall be in effect for the entire lifetime of an author and for 70 years after the death of an author.

Copyright to a work that has legally become available to the public anonymously or under a pseudonym shall be in effect for 70 years from the time when it has legally become available to the public.

As to authors, whose works were prohibited in Latvia or the use of which was restricted from June 1940 to May 1990, the years of prohibition or restriction shall be excluded from the term of the copyright.

Any person, who after expiration of a copyright lawfully publishes or communicates to the public a previously unpublished work, shall acquire rights which are equivalent to the economic rights of an author and shall be in effect for 25 years from the first publication or the communicating to the public of the work.

Copyrights may be inherited, and the copyright holder is entitled to remuneration for the use of copyright works.

Heir of an author can make an agreement with the organisation for collective management.

In case of any uncertainties about the mentioned above requirements, please, contact M.A.K. staff by e-mail or phone – +371 27 344 574.